Google Adwords

 Google Adwords (also known as ad placement on Google at donor locate - sponsored link) allows the donor to pay for Google to be listed in the right position in the first page when customers search for certain keywords.

Google Adwords will make donors may be marketing your website to the right audience a method selective and effective. Because when you stand in the TOP Google, donors are easily attract potential customers visit your website.

Google Adwords service was quite popular in Vietnam, so in this post HQ Solution will show all the main points of this service helps customers understand the benefits and their rights when using Google Adwords service .

- Sponsors determine which keywords you want to Advertise on Google ( The position of Donors ).

- Donor Register keyword advertising with Google or Google partners.

- Advertise your company will appear on Google when a customer searches.

- Every time a customer clicks on ads on Google donors (page lists the search results of Google), donors will have to pay 1 corresponding amount (this amount is the sponsor previous auction - the highest paying keywords will be the head) in exchange for 1 visitors visits the website.

Cost Google Adwords Service - Advertising on Google

You wonder Advertising costs are like? I will check the number of turns click on the ads look like? how to know the account out of money or still ?
Please contact the counselor HQSolution for advice and quote.

Google Adwords Advertising Costs - Advertising on Google depends what?

 Google Adwords cost depends on two factors:

- The level of competition keywords.
- Total KH click on the ad.

From this 2 things easily found:
- The budget as large, you can advertise with many keywords.
- Time of advertising the longer then it will have more customers and will need higher budget.

HQ solution will advise customers find keywords, advertisement design, timing advertising to Have the optimal costs.

Google's official partner in Vietnam will help you with anything?
Helps you advertising efficiently on Google with the lowest fees:

- Analysis of the level of customer searches for each keyword.

- Analysis of competitors (and other donors) on each keyword.

From the above analysis we will propose to customers the budget for Google Adwords advertising. The level of the budget is based on an analysis of the number of searches, and expectations of future searches. HQ solution will support you choose the most appropriate keywords Keywords correct the target customers, and the level of competition is low. So your expenses for Google Adwords will most optimal.