Website Care


Understanding the difficulties encountered when you operate a website to fit ensures professional, stable operation, can attract customers, save costs and avoid technical problems unnecessary, HQ Solutions has released Care Services website.

- Update static website or dynamic monthly
- Supported by phone or directly 8 hours / day on days worked
- User manual, install systems website, database, email, guide self update
- Advice and support the website registration on tracing tools
- Subscribe to maintain renew domain name, hosting avoid interrupt systems
- Consultation meta tags on the web to choose keywords ranking on Google and Yahoo
- Register to website on ALEXA ranking the website in Vietnam or on the world
- Ensure active system, time tracking down time
- Statistics monthly visitors
- Advice registered on website directory Vietnam.
- Can exchange logos or link with partner a member to increase Page Rank
- Spam filtering, tracking bandwidth and web space, mail management system
- Consulting to develop and integrate new modules, protect and back up data
- Consulting design new interfaces for websites with support costs


1. Save time
You need to focus on governance and development operations of the business, as well as editing and content management is our expertise, so we know how to give you saving time but efficiency gain greater

2. Save cost
We will receive and process the data within 24 hours upon request of customers, so, you do not have to spend a considerable cost to rent a website administrator.

3. High efficiency
With experience and expertise, we are committed to edit, update, and admin quickly, aesthetic and professional.
Make sure the website activities continuous and stability
Website may be error or is not eligible in the process of updating and publishing. The link may not exist or is damaged, the data can be lost, ... We always monitor and troubleshoot timely issues mentioned above.

The staff of the HQ solution will help you orient strategic information management, editorial content and ensure operational stability and continuity for your website.


 Cost/Month....... Notes
  1  Update article from 1-10 threads        200.000 VND
Get content from customers via email, edit articles and images appropriate to update to the website
 2 Create email according your own domain name in Hosting When customers request

 Changing images available on the website by the other images follow cycles                                

Change only one time per quarter
 4   Upgrading website to a new version Everyday
 5   Backup and backup website Backup and restore data, avoiding data loss.