Benefits website provides

Many, very many. There are many ways for your business to exploit benefits from its own website. Here are some important aspects

*Advertise Unlimited: If you've been advertising in newspapers, publications, or on radio and TV, make sure you understand the costs that how big. Your business will be noticed. With about 150 million Internet users regularly, your business will soon be known without any cost for it, customers can access information about your business or your organization at any time and from anywhere, with a computer connected to the internet.

• Opportunities link and cooperate so large, international in scope: Your Website is business card can be used anywhere in the world to expand the business. A charity can be very effective mobilization of funds through the website to introduce and provide information about the activities of their organization with the world.

• The web application: used increasingly popular to help you do more with your website. For example, a manufacturer may regularly invited to bid on their website with information is updated every day, and so the ability to find partners / suppliers good is enormous, unlimited the scope of the territory, with negligible cost.

• Website allows easy with feedback from customers: Customers can fill out the feedback form design simple and tell you what they think about the product and your service. Website allows immediate answer customer questions or inquiries. If you have too much time answering the same questions about products and services, or for your business in general, you can add pages to answer common questions.

• The business will open 24 hours a day: This means you do not have to be closed on holidays or Christmas day ... If you go somewhere then everyone also has can see your merchandise. When someone wants to know about the time, location, orientation, or any information about your company, they can get this information without any bother to you.

• Staff costs low: When you have a website, you can sell your products and services without hiring more workers. You will not have to spend any more money on compensation and insurance for new employees that maintains sales and service.

• Create an image of a company that is well organized: the Internet is the most effective means to you can create any image of yourself that you want. It all lies in your hands, just design a professional website, adding content to help customers and immediately start your company with its image. Is your company how small the problem is not just with great desire, you can build your company's image as a big group on the Internet.

• Saving postage and printing costs: You wonder how many cards send to customers know about your sales. All can be minimized by providing information on the website and whenever customer visit . You can collect email addresses of customers, keep in touch with them about the special events in your store via email.

• Improved communication systems: You can contact employees, your suppliers through the website. All changes take effect immediately when you post them on the website, and anyone watching the updates without having to contact you directly.
Excellent customer service. This is the dream of any enterprise. Business owners do not want to waste time explaining to customers using the product, installation, troubleshooting, cleaning, moving, changing products or anything have to do with the product was purchased. With a website, just give all the circumstances, create questions and answers available, your customers can search for clues supporting information without bothering to you.

• Appear on internet and companion with competition: You have to think that the Internet is like a "Phonebook". More and more people use the website to find information and purchase products and services. If you are not there, your competitors will be there. If you are not located in the "Phonebook" then how customers can find you?
The provision of information, the search engine will no longer free in the next few months. As the amount of information they were quite full, they do not need you anymore, but this time you need to back them because they have so many people come to look for information. For example, Yahoo, LookSmart have begun to charge registration in their database with corresponding cost is 4.000.000 VND and 6.000.000 VND. Until now, half of the search engines have to charge for inclusion in their database. Likely you will no longer be free registration to the other search engines (AltaVista, Lycos ...) in the next few months.