email maketing

TOP Email Marketing is one of the best email marketing software now to send bulk email marketing series aims to quickly reach customers for marketing the product to market..TOP Email software is software send mail through cloud technology of provider service Email marketing top series in the world today - Amazon SES.

The interface of Email Marketing Software

With TOP EMAIL MARKETING software will help you
Increased revenue quickly and extremely COST SAVINGS

The function of software send TOP Email Marketing:

- Send mail through server Amazon -> Bulk email software does not limit the number of posts of the day
- You can send a maximum of 1 million emails a day, not blocked email
- Percentage inbox (Inbox) greater than 98%.
- Personalize your customers, send to multiple clients with different contents (personal information of customers)
- Detailed statistics the number of opened emails, email inbox, spam email, who opened the email and the time it opened.
- The cost cheapest of sending email in Vietnam -> only 6 copper / 1 Email
- Send mail with Brand Name for customer recognizable brand
- Support Teamplate with storage interface attract readers
- Update continuously, warranty and free forever

To use the TOP Email software you need to :

- List of Email Marketing of you (For the construction the list easier , please reference our Testing Email software )
- 1 computer with an Internet connection.
- Software to send bulk mail TOP Email Marketing and the account send mail through Server Amazonese.

TOP Email software, trial version is free to use (There are limit some functional).

See instructions for using the software here: Use TOP Email Marketing software