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SMS Marketing is considered advertising channels with very high efficiency, because over 90% of customers can not ignore or delete the message from your phone when unread. Statistics to December 05/2012 there are nearly 123 million mobile subscribers. This figure is 1.5 times higher than the national population, an average of 1 people would use 1.5 mobile subscribers .

Interface software to send bulk messages TOP SMS Marketing

The function of the software to send messages TOP SMS Marketing:

- Send Message professional series with ultra-low cost (only from 30d / 1sms for students, student)
- Send simultaneously with 3G Usb to help send messaging fast and minimize costs.
- The software automatically selects the network device to send follow.
- Actively install time, speed, limits send of each device sent.
- Software to send bulk messages with feature PERSONAL (Send message to one private name )
- The feature auto change Spin message content, disorder message content with synonyms to avoid the same message to help send thousands of messages per day
- TOP SMS Marketing Software can automatically import contacts from excel, text.
- Report the results sent details: Date, time, content, list successfully sent, the number of faulty undeliverable.
- Simple operation with only a single interface by vietnamese and have been copyrighted.
To use the software to send messages TOP EMAIL MARKETING efficiency should:

- 01 computers with USB port (no need to use Internet)
- 01 or more USB devices 3G
- 01 or more SIM mobile network (3G sim is not required)


FILE: Manual Software Top Sms messaging Mareketing

Video tutorial uses software to send bulk messages Top Sms Marketing

TOP MARKETING SMS software trial version , free to use (There are limited some functional). When buy the software send messages TOP SMS MARKETING series you will be updated to the new version for free,and add more you will be awarded 1 Software filter Phone Number From File, help you get a list of phone numbers from Word or excel files a quick and easy side.
Prohibited for use software fraudulent purposes.