To have a website what I need ?

1. Domain / Domain: Domain is your website address, for example:, protect your brand by registering domain in today, the cost is only 250K / year. Click here to view quotes Domain.

2. Hosting: Hosting is where to store all information, data, images of website on Internet, cost starting to hire only 650K / year. Click here to view price list hosting.

3. The web interface: You need to hire one website design company to design professional web interface, helping customers to easily search for products quickly, as well as the process of ordering, payment occurs one simple easy. Fortunately, born to meet this requirement. The process creates website is simple, customers simply select the website templates, web functionality and select the package suitable to your type of business, then contact us to sign Contract makes web, after 3 days will be like the website. Call the number 0974.44.77.84 to be consulted in person.