Vision and Core Values

1. The customer is unique boss

In the company, the customer is the only boss. Customers layoffs anyone in the company, including directors through use the services or products other companies.
The Solution HQ regardless of division, role, location, all has a duty and responsibility to bring the benefits and customer satisfaction, every day to try to do better.

2. Respect for individuals

Employees are given the chance to exert maximum capacity, personal development and success with the company.
Always listening, non regardless of high and low positions. Dare give advice to his colleagues.
Dare to speak up and share every thought, his views even if people do not want to hear on the spirit of mutual respect.
Fairness and equality in all situations.

3. Teamwork

There are beliefs and goals for the development of the company.
Do not envy, slander, defamation, factions.
Help, mutual support, mutual interest, treated like a family

4. Labour hard, passionate and responsible highest

Always work hard with the highest possible liability. When you feel unable to do with the highest responsibility, change or stop immediately.
Please choose the job you are most passionate about and make sure you always get the best conditions to get this in the company.

5. Act now

Begin work immediately with the effort, perseverance until achieve the highest goals.
Dare to fail, brave recognize mis and repeatedly adjust accordingly.
Looking straight into practice, accepting difficulties and find ways to overcome difficulties with confidence steady.

6. Continuous innovation

Never satisfied, satisfied with the results achieved.
Continuous improvement to develop.
Learning something new, relentless creativity to succeed.